Boyes Botanics | Florist & Plant Stylist | Terrariums | Edinburgh


Out and about in Edinburgh?  You can find us at the Bearded Baker in Canonmills, The Art & Craft Collective in Newington and our pop up shop at The Food + Flea Market on Sibbald Walk.



THE bearded Baker

You can purchase a selection of my products in one of my favourite local coffee shops, The Bearded Baker, in Canonmills. They stock various sized terrariums and houseplants, so go in have a browse and grab some delicious cake and coffee!


Century General Store

Another brilliant spot for a delicious coffee and cake is Century General Store in Abbeyhill. As well we our terrariums you can also find a wide range of beautiful quirky items.


CRAFT markets

Find our pop up shop at craft events around Edinburgh, check out our events page. You will find hand made terrariums, plant hangers and various house plants.