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Floral and plant styling, available for instillations and commissions. Specialising in terrarium design.


greenery for your workplace

Create a calm and productive workspace by bringing in plants and foliage, as well as boosting creativity, having some greenery in your workplace can also help reduce stress.


Not only will some foliage look great in your workplace but your employees will love it. From preserved moss to glass terrariums, we can create a special indoor garden to suit your environment.

The perfect solution if you are after hassle free foliage. Our moss panels are available in a few different sizes and look best when grouped together. The soft natural textures not only look great but are soft and spongy to touch. As this is preserved moss, there is no need for water or sunlight as it is not live, just an occasional light dusting.

Flowers are visually powerful, creating a welcoming atmosphere and talking point for your reception area.

A room filled with nature brings a room to life.